► Superhero By Naxeex LLC #10 | Superman vs Robot Battle Android Gameplay

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superhero is gta clone crime simulation game on google play store lets play and enjoy
Eye lasers, hero shroud, levitation!

Battles with future robots.

Epic amusement with ensured hero!

There is a great deal of wrongdoings in the city and individuals require a genuine saint as their safeguard.

The genuine justice fighter. The person who will retaliate for all the torment of nearby subject.

Join the tribunal squad. The alliance of super people on protect of equity!

Prepare your champion to wind up plainly the tempest of neighborhood groups.

Redesign your abilities to overcome even furious heavily clad robots.

Demonstrate your foes that you are a genuine superhuman and nor slugs nor rockets nor lasers can get you down!

Be the legend today!

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