A simple new blood test that can catch cancer early | Jimmy Lin

Jimmy Lin is developing technologies to catch cancer months to years before current methods. He shares a breakthrough technique that looks for small signals of cancer’s presence via a simple blood test, detecting the recurrence of some forms of the disease 100 days earlier than traditional methods. It could be a ray of hope in a fight where early detection makes all the difference.

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49 thoughts on “A simple new blood test that can catch cancer early | Jimmy Lin


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    he is also specialized on ALS, CANCER, HERPES.

  2. https://youtu.be/K6tslsIfoPs

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  3. Another form of catching any cancer in small forms , I use Bovine Colostrum, something that isnt spoke of rapidly go the this link https://youtu.be/ViB3k_gvLp0 to feel and see results fast as preventive treatment

  4. When is it going to stop?  Treatment vs Cure…hummmm?  When are you people going to wakeup???  Unbelievable and very sad!

  5. I have one last question where to get money for that treatment? One month of treatment of melanoma costs 15-20 thousand dollars easier to die(((

  6. When will these blood tests be available in Georgia (the country) 🙁 and when will doctors start using this new method i wonder

  7. I hear amazing things about Bacteriophages (Tblisi, Georgia). Could it be possible to utilize "designer" Phages to focus in on the cancer cells that current treatments leave behind as mentioned in this vid?

    My amateur understanding of this biology is that everything that dies is eaten by something. If that food was original a bacteria/virus, then the organism that ate it builds up immunity (a kind of self-vaccination or exposure-therapy thing) e.g. antibiotic resistance build up or in the case of Phages, a Yin-cure to every Yang-illness. Simplified and wrong? Probably.

    Anyway, (for Science!) why not feed dead/live resistant cancer cells to Phages (+methodology) and determine if can be used to devour the sneaky little buggers left behind (and at the same time, not let the Umbrella Corporations patent=OWN all of life)

  8. This is not to do with cynicism or anything but i genuinely think cure for cancer from an abstract point of view is just beyond reach, period.

  9. But If you can detect cancer without symptoms then when would people know to get a blood test?? Just have a test every 6 months just in case??

  10. How long will it take you and your team to run research and is there anyway to find out more about milestones of the results?

  11. Did he say the man with bumps all over his body had melanoma? That's not like any melanoma like I've ever seen!

  12. wondering one day cancer can be treated like a normal flu , you can come to a drugstore and buy some cancer pills which only cost some cent xD

  13. while doing all of this ground breaking treatment, wouldn't it be nice if patients were also utilizing the most amazing super foods, teas and detoxing etc to support the overall health of the body. I wish he would talk about the diet of his patients, too. I think it is a huge key that is overlooked all of the time. The other supportive key could be Reiki and other energetic healing modalities. Wouldn't it be nice if we healed will all tools available and study what combinations work best together to fight cancer?

  14. So… am I a tin foil hat conspirator if I think cancer already has a pretty good cure but they are releasing it slowly to milk dying people of their money? Even though there hasn't been all that much proof, several doctors who do independent research do actually end up dead from "accidents". Well yeah, people die it could be coincidence but you know, its not a far stretch to think that billion pharmaceutical dollar companies will use a bit of cloak and dagger in their operations. Whats a few dead doctors and black mail compared to billions in profit. Then you think… the stuff in movies do actually happen… so I'm wondering if Hillary Clinton actually called an order to make a few of her naysayers "disappear" since a few actually died when they said they had incriminating evidence. Hence the meme. They have the power and the motive and specific people end up dead conveniently.

  15. You guys need to realize that doctors & scientists have parents,there's a possibility one of those parents has or had cancer and they're doing everything possible to find a cure. If I where a scientist and my mom died of cancer I wouldn't mind finding the cure and releasing it to the public.

  16. I hope & pray you're right. Breast February 2013 (4yrs clean/5) Pancreatic February 2016. Three month post 8 months Chemo & radiation (three months after Whipple)cat scan clear 5/23/17… next one 8/23/17. #Hope is all we have. What a horrible legacy for my children & two grandsons!! Though a miracle find and non invasive they can't promise me 5 years. At this point I'm blessed to be alive at all!!! 🎀💜

  17. Damn remember that Ted talk a couple months ago talking about this technology,damn ,is already proceeded so much. Science is evolving fast

  18. I heard that for diagnosing hereditary diseases, DNA sequencing takes a lot more effort than simply putting stuff in a computer and wait for magic to happen. This 'blood test' technology sounds so far fetched that I really doubt it reliability. It makes me curious tho. I'll look at some scientific papers later to look up the guy (´・_・`)

  19. If this becomes a standard test for everybody on a half a year basis this could bring in lots of money 🙂 because its not only cancer patients paying but the whole world! So awesome profit Potential here 😉

  20. What about using the virus method? I'm no Dr/scientist but the special I saw on hbo, fighting cancer using small box and hiv to culture and create a virus that killed the cancer in all known cases immediately

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