Athletics Men's 400m Hurdles – Final | 29th SEA Games 2017

Athletics Men’s 400m Hurdles – Final of 29th SEA Games 2017 on 22 August 2017

Gold – Eric Shuawn Cray (PHI) 50.03
Silver – Quach Cong Lich (VIE) 50.05
Bronze – Andrian (INA) 51.52

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35 thoughts on “Athletics Men's 400m Hurdles – Final | 29th SEA Games 2017

  1. Nawala yung stride ni Medina at nag-alanganin yung talon niya kaya siya bumagsak. Dapat di niya binago yung strides.

  2. yeah 29th sea games Philippines won this. 30th sea games November 2019 Manila. WELCOME to all our Asean friends. am excited to watch it in the Ph Arena and Clark Stadium. Go Go Philippines win the top 1 this time. Thank you Singapore. Please come everyone and fill our Arena to 55,000 fans

  3. Filipinos are good singers, dancers, beauty queens, running, sepak, volleyball, basketball, and many more. talented people.

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