History of the Overlord Games

History of all the Overlord Games. Timestamps listed below. This video kinda gets depressing as it goes on. As the only two good Overlord games are the first and second. Dark legend is alright to be fair. My favorite is Overlord 2 but Overlord 1 had the best story. I hope you enjoy this video it was a fun one to make.

All Gameplay clips recorded by Loopy


Overlord – 0:03
Overlord 2 – 3:30
Overlord Dark Legend – 8:07
Overlord Minions – 11:30
Overlord Fellowship of Evil – 14:23
Ending – 16:42

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16 thoughts on “History of the Overlord Games

  1. Timestamps:

    Overlord – 0:03

    Overlord 2 – 3:30

    Overlord Dark Legend – 8:07

    Overlord Minions – 11:30

    Overlord Fellowship of Evil – 14:23

    Ending – 16:42

  2. Didn’t play it since 2010 and decided to play 2 again on Xbox one. Thanks for showing this series some love. I feel it was always underrated in both gameplay and story. Keep up the great videos

  3. 1.Overlord (2007)

    2.Overlord Raising Hell (2008)(just a updated version to the original)

    3.Overlord Minions (2009)

    4.Overlord Dark Legends (2009)

    5.Overlord 2 (2009)

    6.Overlord Fellowship of Evil (2015)

    My thoughts
    Overlord 1 – love it.

    Overlord Raising Hell – never played

    Overlord Minions – I do own a DS but never knew about it.

    Overlord Dark Legends – I don't own a Wii.

    Overlord 2 – Amazing.

    Overlord Fellowship of Evil – I don't have enough money to get the game right now until i do i will try out.

  4. Overlord was the best game i have ever played, i have 1 and 2 on my xbox 360, had minions twice, lost my first one than bought another one at a pawnshop recently, and got 2 on my xbox one

  5. You know to be honest, fellowship of evil is decent. Just not as good as the othe games. It was designed to be played with friends. Not by yourself.

  6. I had a modified wii console when I was a toddler, thanks to that I discovered Overlord since it had dark legend in the selection of games. It was my first ever overlord. I recently found out about it being an actual series thanks to fellowship of evil(which I don't quite like but still…), the nostalgia kicked in and now I'm currently playing overlord 2 thank to xbox gold free games and I'm soo happy becouse I can finally play with a gem of my childhood. Good video man, I have A question tho: Is dark legend some kind of prequel to the first game or not?

  7. Yep this was my favourite game and first ever game, I love the Overlord games and its awesome to see other people who know this game, oh so nostalgic

  8. Overlord 1 – It's great but not fantastic.
    Overlord Raising hell – Much better
    Overlord 2 – N U T
    Everything else after – Don't ever come near me or my son ever again.

  9. This was my first ' History of ''insert game name here'' video '. Let me know how I did, if I could improve on editing, shorting clips, making clips longer, etc. Or if it was good as is. I had fun making this video, although I felt a bit more editing could have been done. But I spent about 8+ hours on it already (not including the pre recorded game clips I had from overlord 1, 2 and DL). I hope if your reading this you enjoyed it nonetheless 🙂

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