How to Create a Universal Windows 7 AIO Installation Disc

How to Create a Universal Windows 7 AIO Installation Disc

If you are a computer repair tech, you will know installing windows is part of the job, having many different copy’s of windows can be a pain, so creating your own Universal Windows 7 Install Disk, ISO or USB flash drive can save time. I will show you how i this video.

Winows 7 Home Basic x64:
Imagex/export G:Win7_64Sourcesinstall.wim 1 G:Win7_32Sourcesinstall.wim “Windows 7 Home Basic (x64)”

Winows 7 Home Premium x64:
Imagex/export G:Win7_64Sourcesinstall.wim 2 G:Win7_32Sourcesinstall.wim “Windows 7 Home Premium (x64)”

Winows 7 Professional x64:
Imagex/export G:Win7_64Sourcesinstall.wim 3 G:Win7_32Sourcesinstall.wim “Windows 7 Professional (x64)”

Winows 7 Ultimate x64:
Imagex /export G:Win7_64Sourcesinstall.wim 4 G:Win7_32Sourcesinstall.wim “Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)”

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36 thoughts on “How to Create a Universal Windows 7 AIO Installation Disc

  1. Just created my USB tool and with a couple mods to the syntaxes (check out my reply to 'Life Cta'), your video worked great

  2. but how do you burn it to disc. sorry if this is a silly question but you went to image burn and expoted it to desktop but do you burn it to a dvd

  3. Hey Brian, you've got "Home Basic" repeated for all x64 setup options! I think you forgot to increment Edition's number when doing the ImageX exports, like the one in your description, you should add annotation to the video to rectify the issue 🙂

  4. Hey britec, thanks for this tutorial, i've done that with Windows 7, integrated 32 and 64 bit versions, then ive integrated an another language version of windows 7 in it, when i install it gives me an error out at the end, that theres not existing language datas (i think thats because the boot image (boot.wim) doesnt have the other language pack datas) and now my best question is, i want to slipstream the convidence rollup in this wim image, can you help? Searched but i didnt found anything really working solution, can you please help me and sorry for my bad english im german 😛

  5. Why are the 64bit editions all just Home Basic is it a glitch isn't it supposed to be

    Home Basic
    Home Premium
    Enterprise (you forgot to add that one)

  6. you can use the ei.cfg remover froma windows 7 ultimate iso image and then just use the install.wim from only 2 isos i think

  7. I noticed it was a re-upload too. Nice of you Brian to keep an archive of your videos so if they get lost or something goes wrong, you could pull them out and re-upload them. Thank you.

  8. HEY, I have watched this before… in 2013 back when I had Windows Vista Basic, good/bad memories with Vista.

  9. Thanks Britec. Microsoft has an official AIO image file (.iso) already created that you can download. It's a 30-day free trial but if you have a valid win7 license it works and is legit. Let me know if you want the download link. It's an official microsoft product. Thanks.

  10. Tnx a lot, Brian.
    Where i can find this imagex.exe?
    And second if this method works with Windows 10 editions?
    Best Regards and thank You in advance.

  11. flueless tutorials thanks a lot , but try to check (maintain aspect ratio) if you are using camtasia studio because the video get pixelated if you don't

  12. i really need this,, i am gonna reinstall windows 7 for my neighbor PC and this is very helpful for me,, thank you,,,, i like this kind video well you help more,,, thank you Brian.
    what size cd i have to use and i watched your video carefully but still i am confused???
    how can i make this cd, i want to build all in one,,, can you help me???? thank you Brian..

  13. Where did you get the Starter? * Edit: I found the iso on one of my tech flash drives. However, how would you also add this into the universal installer?

    Also, could this work with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10? Not at my shop so I cannot try it yet.

    Nice new intro as well Brian.

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