How to draw a Nose and locate the nose by Huta Chan

How to draw a nose and locate the nose by Huta Chan

Potentate A5 Sketchbook Notepad
Pentel Graphgear 500 Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm 2B
Koh-I-Noor Graphite Pencil 6B
Style: Semi Realistic
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45 thoughts on “How to draw a Nose and locate the nose by Huta Chan

  1. I'm avoiding semirealistic or realistic drawing but ended up finishing one. I'm planning on finding tutorial on more anime style but I found yours. Thanks for the tutorial 👍 and your artworks are amazing 😍😍.

  2. Dạy cách vẽ gương mặt người đi b vs cả tóc nữa ý. Mk vẽ theo b mắt mũi môi ok đẹp phết luôn. Nhưng gắn vô thấy ghê luôn. Cái tóc đơ quá chời lun

  3. Even I didn't understand anything 😂 but it was so cool and beautiful language 👌👌 thank you ❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙👏👏. Aaaa wait I just wanna ask Which language is this ???

  4. Huta chan. I really love your drawing 😍😍
    But may i know what pen are using?
    That silver thingy pen. Hahaha just curious

  5. Chị vẽ đẹp quá, em vẽ theo mà nó không ra hình mũi, chị tô vài cái là ra rồi

  6. Huta Chan, I want to say thank you, for this tutorial and its bases, together with the lips tutorial, my drawings already feel very different and much better than in 2019. It was enough to see and practice them. :3

  7. Hi Huta Chan! I'm your new subscriber. Your drawing is so…….good i love it so much😍😍😍😍😍. But, can you make some video about how to draw realistic ears please? Because i don't know how to draw it hahahahah. Thankyou for making the video, it help me so much🤗🤗. Good luck for the next video 😆.

  8. 5:34 con trai hình như là anh của inuyasha nhưng không nhớ tên và nhóc bên cạnh là người được anh cứu

  9. To everyone who needs English subtitles turn on cc and go to the settings option which is right next to the cc option and open it and go to subtitles/cc in there you'll see Auto-translate, click on it and choose English from the list then it will automatically translate Vietnamese to English.(turn on cc < go to settings< choose subtitles/cc < choose Auto-translate < choose English ) If you turn off cc and after turn it on the subtitles will appear in Vietnamese again so, you'll have to do the above process again.Hence don't turn off captions after Auto-translating Vietnamese to English.I don't know if the Eng subs are correct cuz I'm not Vietnamese nor English.But seems like the Eng subs work correctly with the video.I'm sorry if it is not.

  10. I understand none of what your saying, but regardless I love the tutorial. Plus the drawing at the end had me shook cause I'm a huge Inuyasha fan.(Literally wearing an Inuyasha shirt right now lol) Sesshomaru is actually what started my art journey because I loved his character so much in the show. The drawing was beautiful! Lol I was going to ask you to draw him in one of your regular art videos, but looks like I don't need to ask. 😀

  11. it will be more useful for people of other countries too if you will use english subtitles but i love your drawings.Lots of love from INDIA

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