How to REMOVE a WATERMARK with Photoshop

Learn how easy it can be to remove those pesky watermarks people are always using to protect their art from theft and misuse.

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30 thoughts on “How to REMOVE a WATERMARK with Photoshop

  1. What are your tips for protecting your artwork from theft? Share in the comments.
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  2. The big watermark can be seen on the blacks of the body of the dragon though. For a fast fix it is okay, but you can definitely do a better job on making it flawlessly…
    EDIT: A better tip I would suggest is to leave a very small watermark somewhere in the picture, where it is noticeable only if you zoom a lot. My father uses this method and honestly, there is no way to tell, unless you know where exactly the watermark is positioned

  3. For theft no my friend i did use the technic to bypass a ransom held by photobucket on my free account on my own custom sprite work

  4. I need help with removing some watermarks from Danganronpa 2 Preorder incentive artwork. The artwork is official, it's just got a sample watermark on it. It's impossible to get the unwatermarked editions now.

  5. Who else came here because they needed to know what the tool you need to remove something and still have the background was called?

  6. Removing logo watermark with masks and stuff… Would be impossible because when you are selecting the logo you want to remove, putting blending on it and then lower the opacity, it will just show logo beneath (watermark), so you can't do that.

  7. While, I agree it is very bad to remove watermark from author's work, I also hate then people put watermark on the art that are in public domain… Do not know what is worse. Both are theft.

  8. goes through the effort of removing a watermark from an image just to use it as a background for a zoom call

  9. Thanx for this! I understand the reasoning behind it, but my laptop was stolen with my artwork on it! 😩 I did have some, uploaded to my social media, but it's watermarked of course by me. This came in handy to recover some of the work that I do have online. Thanx once again!! 😘

  10. I'm certainly using this to remove watermarks people added to artwork that wasn't theirs.

  11. I don't wanna steal peoples artwork and sell it. I wanted to get a poster but it was too expensive so I was gonna remove the watermark and send it to a printing place and get it for cheaper. Not too harmful but still illegal, lol

  12. I was thinking about using blending modes to remove watermarks. Also, you could probably create a script that could find and recreate a watermark. Or you might even be able to use the RGB layers or even the curves tool to make the watermark more visible and recreate it yourself.

    There's really no way to stop people from stealing art, no matter what, but you can make it easy to prove that someone stole it. The best way to protect your art is by adding in things that only you know about. Little consistent designs in your art, for instance, that people won't notice. That way you can always point to one of those designs to prove that the art is yours.

  13. Now would it be ok to remove it for myself, and not sell it at all? Only my own use for like a computer background?

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