I Learnt How to Draw Pixel Art

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This month I focus on drawing up a Forest Biome whilst learning how to draw pixel art along the way.

Tools used in this video:
Aseprite (Drawing Pixel Art)
Microsoft OneNote (Planning)
VSCode (Programming)
Trello (Feature Tracking)

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#randall #pixelart

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34 thoughts on “I Learnt How to Draw Pixel Art

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  2. Dude youre such a fucking treasure. Thank you for not only doing all the hard work infront of the camera but also all the fantastic work in editing. You inspire me to just try harder. Fucking hell man thank you!

  3. Did he really learn to draw such high-quality pixel art in just a month? Meanwhile, I've been practicing for almost 3 months now multiple hours a day and my art doesn't look half as good.
    Either he is a prodigy, I'm a dumbass, or both. Tbh… I suddenly feel like not doing pixel art anymore. I don't think I'm fit for this…

  4. Modest much? ^_^

    Lovely video, thx! Ive been trying to make trees all day. your ugly tree is just amaaaazinnnnnng

  5. what size is your game? (32×32 or something, i'm working on my own game and trying to find out how it works)

  6. That's the beautiful thing about pixel art anyone who spends a good time learning and trying it can draw something decent with it doesn't really require a talent or gift

  7. Im so glad I spent 4 years of my life dedicated to art for some guy to come and one up everything I learned in only a month.

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