jung woo + ji eun | ❝we should leave our lovers❞

This is more of a mature drama but I really like their chemistry!

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july 2019
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25 thoughts on “jung woo + ji eun | ❝we should leave our lovers❞

  1. if u love her/ him. make a stand, dvorce ur hsbnd/ wfe, frst thn fck ur lover a!ytime, mk 8 lgal hahaha,

  2. Watching this drama was like it is real and happening in my life, like my best friend`s story or something… The most beautiful drama I`ve ever seen…

  3. I already done watching this drama and i love thier chemistry..there are times that i cry when jung woo cry he didnt know how to live without ji eun i love both of them.😍😍😊

  4. I literally watched this video and decided to watch this drama. I honestly regret it omg. Like i cant stop crying. Its so heartbreaking. This drama is so well done and ugh the emotions are raw and real. After ep 14 i watched this again and ugh djdhdndjdh

  5. Even affairs is wrong way to found our true love but in another way love is never wrong to choose someone we love

  6. i recommend this drama. its my first time to watch a love affair na hindi broing panoorin.. 😍😍😍😍

  7. This drama takes my breath away, getting nervous and excited for every episode.. The story and their chemistry is so strong.. 😍

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