LOST my HAIR, When Hearing New Meme Music! [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#76

new meme album is boppin
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Npesta speedrun meme:

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41 thoughts on “LOST my HAIR, When Hearing New Meme Music! [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#76

  1. I showed my brother in law the penis music next minute he goes im gonna make some music out of my arse in a minute 🤣

  2. Npesta didn't over react. That will come even you try. That is the 4th hardest level ranked in the game

  3. Honestly feel kinda bad for Npesta, he worked for 8 long and hard months to beat the level just to have people basically make fun of him without realizing how hard what he accomplished really was.

    (Yes, I know Pewds read how many attempts it took, how long etc. I mean the people making memes of him who actually know nothing about GD itself.)

  4. Npesta: Defeats 4th hardest level in gd
    Gd com: Cheering
    Pewds: haha man defeat block game
    Gd com: infuriated
    Pewds: Gives respect
    Gd com: forgives

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