Nexon & NCSoft are making moves..

NCSoft recently released their own emulator/PC x Mobile Crossplay client with the launch of Lineage 2m. They’re also planning to remaster the original Lineage 2 MMO.

Nexon has plans to port one of their recent mobile MMORPGs V4 over to PC and mannnn does it look good.

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Lineage 2 Remastered:
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27 thoughts on “Nexon & NCSoft are making moves..

  1. Please! Ncsoft make AION on Unreal Engine 4. At least with the maps from aion 5.0, is a full fantasy game it had such nice maps ideas. I miss playing but they deleted so many maps now was heartbreaking. I hope they will change the game like they did with BnS.

  2. its hard to explain why lineage 2 was so good. Characters had almost no customization, crafting was race locked to dwarfs which had the lowest dps on the game (what a pain in the ass was to grind dwarfs), pvp was tab target and had no mobility skills, also the rest of skills were really bad and generic and many more bad things.

    To me the best thing it has going for (one of the few) is the open map with PK system that allows you to kill people even without them attacking you. My biggest memories of l2 are from the rivalries, the drama and the clan/alliances that the open map pvp generates. Combine that with no instances, and some of the hardest grinds of ANY mmo, and you have an endless battle for the best spots for resources in the game

  3. Lineage 2 was by far the best MMO of it's time, unfortunately as time went on it became more newbie friendly. It was known for being extremely tough in that full item drops were like 0.01% drop chance forcing people to craft. Really looking forward to jumping back in to my favourite world of Aden

  4. yo dude when they release the next Lineage update if that be remastered or the ever ever ever delayed Lineage 3 / Lineage forever (check that set out for hype). I would really love to get involved with your community/friends as it is a hugely clan-based PVP game and i can just imagine being so much fun with you.

  5. South Korean means Hot, Sexy women. Our Asian brethren know where it is at. I won't even bother mentioning Western female design…. I don't feel so well.

  6. The ultimate pay 2 win cash cow companies uniting. Wow. This is going to be scarily disgusting. Imagine if they didn't just think about money, and thought about creating the epic of epic games, they could. And make it profitable for many many many years. But all their games turn into p2w sell out short term bull shit.


  8. Lineage 2 was a cool game but the grinding was rediculous, but the art at the time was amazing…I think the game need s revamp and is very old now…

  9. wtf man, there is also LDplayer emulator which is great so far, even games that are newly released works perfect lol

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  11. L2 is not good in the present day. NC Soft ruined L2 with P2W. NC Soft is too money hungry.

    L2 was great because it was a grind and very competitive with completely open PVP. Currently, its filled with boost for everything…

    I get it, people don't have time to play… What made it great is gone.

    An actual L2 classic server without boost and P2W model like WOW classic would give you the experience everyone talks about.

  12. Making emulators for their own games so it actually plays WELL, and doesn't roast your pc.. actually that is a really good move.

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