[PES 2017] My First Online Match

This is a PES 2017 Online match gameplay using the PES 2017 Original game (i did buy it from steam). This is my first Online match for PES 2017 and i wanted to share it with you guys . I hope you will enjoy this match, and let me know your opinion of this match in the comments section 😀

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►Credits: Konami, Steam, Camtasia, Bandicam.

I hope you will enjoy this Online match , if you do please like this video, comment and subscribe to my channel 🙂

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34 thoughts on “[PES 2017] My First Online Match

  1. when iam joining online champion cup than it say you not have enought players , which players he want ? online players or other players ?

  2. Feedback: can not play, movement's are like stone, only standing and look passing, the defenders can not quickly stop, give defenders high figures, make more fun, 90, 92, 94 its better xd
    in Online: arrows more high, every game is a final lol, and if you want play YOUR game 😉

  3. Hi bro. Nice vid. I just want to know which region you played cause I heard some of the problems with KONAMI servers

  4. Del Choc bro how much ur net ( mb ) is ??? my game always take lags and after 5 mint connection lost . when i do if i need good network then how much mb network i need ??? by the way u brilliant 😉

  5. Seu canal e seus vídeos são bem bacanas !!! Vou curtir e me inscrever. Se puder corre lá no meu canal Veja se gosta também e se puder me da uma força. Abs… Sucesso!!!

  6. can anyone here with pes 17 online experience….How are server working is there problem in connection?
    I heard some bad feedback about online

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