Top 10 Best 5v5 MOBA Games for Android | Best MOBA Games for Mobile

Best MOBA games for android and ios 2020.Top 10 best 5v5 MOBA Games for Android. Top 10 5v5 MOBA Games for Android & iOS 2020.
Best MOBA Games for Mobile. In this list, we are going to cover all the best MOBA games which can be downloaded from the play store and Appstore.

I hope you will get some good games to play.

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Games with Download link:

Intro: (0:00)

🎮Marvel Super Wars (0:18)

🎮Garena AOV – Arena of Valor (0:52)

🎮Extraordinary Ones (1:26)

🎮Heroes of Order & Chaos (2:02)

🎮Onmyoji Arena (2:42)

🎮Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game (3:18)

🎮Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (3:52)

🎮Heroes Evolved (4:24)

🎮Vainglory (5:24)

🎮League Of Legends- Wild Rift (6:00)
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34 thoughts on “Top 10 Best 5v5 MOBA Games for Android | Best MOBA Games for Mobile

  1. Vainglory used to be a good game because it was completely different, and seeing a lot of people praise it is pathetic. Living under a rock or clinging on to the past, It's understandable why Vainglory is probably shutting down, lack of any impactful updates and new modes killed the game. It's a little sad because I used to be one of those people that played the game everyday, but eventually I lost interest like a lot of people. Other games like MLBB, Extraordinary Ones, AOV, HE and Onmyoji Arena are doing better but I think HE is going to be one of the ones that goes soon because a lot of players are getting sick of the ptw for a lot of new heroes

  2. i dont usually think that mlbb is bad if i did something wrong i would say the "sorry" on the quick chat and they dont even say a word lol

  3. wouldnt advise mobile legends at high rank it's just a glorified brawl
    no jungle role
    and people mainly go 131 hypercarry cause it's a insta win

  4. Dude LoL has not even been released !!
    It's not the comments of the pros that decide a game
    It's us the people who have never tried the game and we are not sure if we will get the best experience in the first try itself

  5. Paano naging Top 1 yung wildrift eh hindi pa nga na rerelease ung game? streamers pa nga lang nakakalaro eh, 🙂

  6. In my opinion, Vainglory will always be the best moba game on mobile.
    It is because it was completely different from any mobile moba games and the maps, creeps, heroes aren’t stolen from games like LOL, Dota, HoN like AOV and MB legend do. Also, the gameplay is really hardcore, just like what you would expected from a PC moba

  7. Well the best is LOL for sure then Mlbb then Heroes Evolved but i didn't like vainglory bcs it's hard to move by tapping on the screen we need a joystick

  8. Nice video. But can I comment about HE? The video is so lame compared to others. Great game though. So much potential

  9. I'm playing mobile legend but i cannot login anymore and even when I report I don't get any reply so I delete it, I don't know how did I came here but thank u I'm gona try one of these… May God bless u 🙏🙏

  10. MLBB got too much toxic players 😢
    "Pro Players" doesn't want to play with newbie or players like me that just want to enjoy the game or to release stress, so sad 😢
    PS: I don't play on Ranks I'm always at Classic Gameplay.

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