Top 11 Best 5v5 MOBA Games Of All Time For Android | Which is the best MOBA? |

Hey Guys! Welcome to another awesome video. In this video you will discover the top 11 best 5v5 MOBA games of all time for android. Find out which is the best 5v5 MOBA games on android among vainglory, mobile legends, war song, onmyoji arena, heroes evolved, arena of valor, and more. Become amaze with these awesome pc graphics MOBA games for android.

Here are the list of the games and their download links:
11.Heroes Arena

10. War Song

9. Legends Of Glory

8. Extraordinary Ones

7. Legend Of Ace

6. Vagary

5. Heroes Evolved

4. Arena Of Valor

3. Onmyoji Arena


1. Mobile Legends

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50 thoughts on “Top 11 Best 5v5 MOBA Games Of All Time For Android | Which is the best MOBA? |

  1. Vainglory was a nice game, sad to see it being reduced to its core. Well atleast they're giving it to the community for it to stay alive.

    I believe LoL will surpass VG because of VG's poor marketing, but marketing takes money so that's why it isnt well known.

    It's uniqueness is actually very nice, one of the MOBA's on mobile which actually uses tap controls.

  2. Boy you got to make an updated video, include LoL WR and Marvel. People who say that LoL WR's graphics suck are obvi cartoon loving children

  3. I’ve been playing Mobile Legends over 2-3 years. Currently in Mythic 57 rank. However, I feel have no excitement and no improvement of my joys as well as the game itself is so unbalanced in terms of characteristic heroes, and it seems to be repetitive every game. Just seeking out if there’s any games I can play

  4. Mobile legends I'm a alucard pro I'm number 48 alu and number 69 Kimmy rank is legend level is celestial 36

  5. For me Mobile Legend is the best.. and Fany is amazing caracter in mobile legend.. amazing skill cable, good job mobile legend 👏

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