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Warlock – A famous gunman becomes the marshal of Warlock to end a gang’s rampages, but is met with some opposition by a former gang member turned deputy sheriff who wants to follow only legal methods.

Warlock (1959):
Director: Edward Dmytryk
Writers: Robert Alan Aurthur (screenplay), Oakley Hall (novel)
Stars: Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn
Genre: Western
Runtime: 2h 2min
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: 20th Century Fox Studios – 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA

In the small frontier mining town of Warlock, rancher Abe McQuown’s gang of cowboy cutthroats terrorize the peaceful community, humiliating the town’s legitimate deputy Sheriff and running him out of town. Helpless and in need of protection, the townsfolk hire the renowned town tamer Clay Blaisdell, as unofficial Marshal, to bring law and order to the town. Clay arrives with his good friend and backup Tom Morgan. The two men stand up to the ranch gang and quiet the town. Johnny Gannon, a former member of the ranch gang is bothered by the gang’s actions, reforms and takes on the deputy Sherrif job while his brother remains part of the gang. The addition of the official lawman to the mix further complicate matters, leading to an inevitable clash of the cowboys, the townsfolk, the gunslingers and the law.

This is one of those little known westerns that captivates you from the opening scene. It has everything you want in this genre of film: a great story, excellent characters, excellent actors and beautiful scenery & music. I’d never seen this movie and came across it while checking out the cable guide and was attracted to the title because I’m a sci-fi/horror lover. I didn’t know it was a western. When I flipped it on, I noticed what kind of movie it was and almost changed the channel when I spotted DeForrest Kelly of Star Trek fame (I’m a devout Trekker). Then I saw Richard Widmark & Henry Fonda and just stayed tuned. I was taken my this flick and recommend it to anyone. I caught it in the middle so when it was over, I immediately went to the cable guide and searched for when it would be on again and made sure I watched it from beginning to end. WHAT A GREAT MOVIE! I also just ordered the VHS tape from Amazon.com. Definitely a MUST-SEE!!! Written by cdipatri.


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49 thoughts on “Warlock | Free Western Movie | Full Length | English | Free to Watch

  1. Anthony Quinn,,,faster than a rattlesnake and twice as nasty,,,,,I killed 45 men and tonight tonight I'm gonna run up the score😄😄😄😄😄😄 just hilarious

  2. I highly doubt that they could make such a great powerful movie today, with such a first class all star cast.

  3. 번역을 하려면 제대로 해 놓던지… 뭐 번역기 돌려가지고 번역한 건가? 마셜이 연방보안관인 것도 몰랐나? 원수라고 번역해 놓고…

    영화보는데 도리어 걸림돌이 되는데… 그냥 자막 뺀 것으로 다시 올리지…

  4. A notre époque où l’on envoie des verseaux dans l’espace, nous ne sommes pas encore capables de transcrire des films U. K. = en langue francophone ! C’&Pour moi invraisemblable ! DOMMAGE ! Mais ! C’&Pourtant bien ainsi ! Salut.

  5. I never saw this movie because i was either a babby in diapers or wasnt born yet . Any movie that was made before 1970 i never saw before except on a channel like this .In fact these old classic movies are great for me to watch with no CGI .

  6. Some of the best movies were these westerns. Remember watching these as a child and still watching after 40 + yrs

  7. 안녕하세요 저는 유튜브YouTube메인에내용에궁금해서떠서온것외에 서부영화 어떤거인가봐요그리고내용에댓글이죄다영어이네요 저는별다른댓글은아닌데 내용에망설이다가댓글기재해서담요이어2020.5.15.금요일에담요날짜말할필요두없지만은안나타나서나확인상에말함요

  8. Какой козёл без перевода выложил , этот фильм ? ! " Страна непуганных идиотов … " А. Абдулов в фильме " Гений ".

  9. ωραιο γουεστερν,απο τα διαμαντια του ειδους! ευχαριστω για το ανεβασμα

  10. Absolutely AWESOME movie. The art of storytelling is well defined. The characters are real, nuanced, just like real people are in real life. This is one for the ages.

  11. Beautiful black horse, but the actors and directing were pathetic. I guess it was the times! What's Captain Kirk's chief medical officer from the Star Ship Enterprise doing back in time? Ha! I wish I could carry my guns like they did in those days! Now days, it's the criminals and their sleezy attorneys who call the shots and pay for judges. The world is F'd.

  12. 아무리 기계로 번역하였어도ᆢ대화체로 옮기는 노력정도는 해야 되지않을까 ᆢ 모르면 물어보던가 ? 아니면ᆢ 참 내~

  13. Amazing cast….. but Richard Widmark is the real star in this movie. Amazing character actor ! you see his pain and struggles being stuck in a bad situation and finally taking a stand against evil and becoming the hero for good.

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