Wow! Haha! Angry! Facebook Finally Has Emoji Reactions

Facebook just expanded the “Like” button with a feature it calls Reactions—six animated emoji the company hopes will let users to respond with more emotional nuance to the posts in their news feeds.

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Wow! Haha! Angry! Facebook Finally Has Emoji Reactions


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49 thoughts on “Wow! Haha! Angry! Facebook Finally Has Emoji Reactions

  1. They changed the "Wow", maybe it looked too much like Hillary overselling the surprise at the falling balloons? lol

  2. They need to take em down because a friend inbox me told me that I reacted angry and lied because I don't go on Facebook no more

  3. Facebook reactions plugin for your blog and WP theme is now available guys 😀

  4. If you guys have a blog or a WP website you would love this facebook reactions plugin:

  5. I don't even have them and yes, I know how to hover. Have done everything and they do not show up. Lots of people in the facebook help community are complaining they never got them and no one can explain why.

  6. it's not that bad I mean the dislike button has a lot of power. If someone feels like a jerk one day and dislike your post or whatever it might bring ya down.

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